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Streamline Patients records & data for Operational Accuracy

Medical Data Entry Outsourcing Services for Effective Data Management

The wave of digitization has taken over all industries and business spheres. With this, it has become essential for hospitals to adopt digital facilities. To store a large volume of data in a convenient manner, digitization is important. The main idea behind adopting digitization is:

  • Ease of access
  • Retrieval of clinical information

Medical data entry Services consists of:

  • Treatments
  • Patient’s details
  • Chart details
  • Insurance plans
  • Claims data
  • Billing

Besides these, several other records of the patient and their specific medical condition are stored. With a large amount of data, it can get cumbersome to process the medical data into a digital format. Hence, taking help from an outsourcing service provider is sure to prove beneficial

WINAXIS: Finest Medical Data Entry Outsourcing Service

WINAXIS offers digitally accessible data that helps to streamline operations. With this, we render better and efficient service. Our focused and motivated team works to ensure a high level of operational efficiency. We employ our skills towards ensuring efficient medical data entry service.

We provide effective data management services for your business. We have experience of over a decade in serving hospitals. We have also served in clinics, healthcare companies, doctors, and related sectors. While you work on operational excellence, we, being a renowned Medical Data Entry Company, empower your business.

WINAXIS extends Medical Data Entry Services for the following:

  • Hospital entry records
  • Medication details records
  • Patient details and chart information
  • Patient’s billing and account details
  • Charge entries
  • Image record data entry
  • Clinical and healthcare records
  • Demographics entries
  • Handwritten document data entry
  • Surgical treatment records
  • Payment posting
  • Medical insurance claim forms
  • Lab data records along with test data records
  • Converting printed document into digital data
  • Patient’s appointment and related information
  • Other relevant medical and healthcare records

Perks of Choosing WINAXIS for Outsourcing Medical Data Entry Services

When an expert handles medical data entry services, you can focus your time on providing better treatment. Leave the data entry task to an expert for accurate results.

Management of records becomes efficient. We conducted procedures under the strict stipulations of the law.

The security measures are also well imbibed in the documents. Our Outsourcing adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) rules.

Easy access to digital records and viewed by the specialist when required. Our trained staff ensures exhaustive audits of HIPPA compliance.

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