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Automotive BPO Services

Globalization has taken over all the industries, especially the automotive industry owing to the fact suggested by stats, that number of vehicle owners are surging high. The demand of customer relationship management and the requirement of new, better and improved ways is to match up to the customer expectations. When you wish to reach out to the mass and strike better relationship with prospective customers you need an expert BPO service provider. The outsourcing partner will extend the best services and operational excellence that holds the prowess to take your business to new heights and help you with proactive planning of your business.

WINAXIS is premium and trusted name as a BPO Solutions provider for automotive industry. The abounding experience of more than 22 years as helped hone the skills required to deliver satisfactory business solutions. WINAXIS holds efficiency in delivering excellent customer service around the world, handling each business to optimum satisfaction, and much more. We can adeptly fulfill all your requirements with the help of our call center that works around the clock. Our presence in the business for our clients has helped us build a lasting relationship with our clients, and our clients have had a long list of successful partnerships with our assistance.


WINAXIS believes in handling every task of business with adept care and caution. Our procedures are abided by strict rules and regulations. We extend cost-effective solutions for car manufacturers, ancillaries, and auto component companies. We help car manufacturers, car rental companies, and other automotive companies the prowess to overcome the challenges.

WINAXIS Support Services

  • Inbound Call Center

  • Outbound Call Center

  • Telemarketing

  • Forms processing

  • Data Entry

  • Car rental and purchase form processing

  • Invoice purchase order data entry

  • Data extraction

  • Data conversion

  • Data cleansing

  • Order processing

  • Accounting services

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Account receivable

Perfs of Choosing WINAXIS for Automative Industry

WINAXIS provides end-to-end solutions for your automotive company, ensures superior customer service and eliminates the need for a separate vendor.

WINAXIS has an in-house team that can complete tasks with its flexible call-center services.

We extend technical support to our clients so as to earn profit from our service.

Our services strictly adhere to rules and regulations to ensure that optimum customer satisfaction is achieved.

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