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Customized Eligibility and Benefits Verification & RCM
solutions for Dental Organizations of all sizes

Winaxis is the Leading Dental Insurance Eligibility Verification Company

WINAXIS has the experience to simplify and centralize back office operations.

Every day, thousands of dentists rely on us to perform their essential revenue cycle processes consistently and in a timely manner like dental insurance eligibility verification. We enhance revenue, increase cash flow, and decrease operating costs.

Dental Insurance Eligibility and Benefits powered by QuickVerify™

Powerful QuickVerify EV Software + Expert Staff Saves Time and Improves Revenue

Eliminate time-consuming, outbound dental insurance eligibility verification calls while streamlining your revenue cycle with QuickVerify™

Using your insurance breakdown forms, WINAXIS’s QuickVerify technology and experienced staff obtains ALL of the dental insurance eligibility and benefits information you need for future, same day appointments, and emergency appointments.

The information is entered directly into your practice management system. Existing plans are attached to the corresponding patient or new plans are created as appropriate.

QuickVerify will work with your existing practice management system. You can take advantage of outsourced eligibility and benefits verification with WINAXIS whether you’re using a mainstream, cloud-based, niche, or proprietary PM.

How Outsourced Dental Insurance Verification Adds Value to Dental Practices and Organizations

WINAXIS’s QuickVerify™ dental insurance eligibility and benefits verification solution saves dental organizations time by helping you create proper treatment plans and clean claims that lead to improved revenue, faster cash flow, and increased patient satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourced Insurance Verification for Dental Practices

  • Enable front desk staff to spend more time with patients
  • Eliminate hold-time with insurance companies
  • No need to train new staff on insurance verification protocols
  • Eligibility verification happens on time, for every patient.

Benefits of Outsourced Insurance Verification for Groups and DSOs

Includes everything listed for practices plus:

  • Reduces FTE burden on administrative tasks
  • Scale efficiently through Q1 acquisitions
  • Space, equipment, and phones that don’t add value to your operation can be redeployed or eliminated

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