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Healthcare BPO Services

The market dynamics, customer behavior, and regulatory demands are continuously changing and due to this, health systems are facing challenges like never before. There are certain requirements such as delivering more value to patients, reducing the cost involvement, suppliers and providers organizing the workflow, etc.

Financing and delivery costs are expected to rise but the compliance and administrative costs build up pressure to cut down the operational expenses. The cause of concern is how to face and manage these challenges. For the smooth functioning and incessant growth of healthcare organization, WINAXIS offers healthcare BPO services.

Services We Offer for Healthcare Companies

WINAXIS has an experience of more than a decade. We understand the issues at hand and the need for effective solutions for such challenges. We are HIPAA compliant service provider. We assist our clients by offering them customized solutions as per their requirements.

We have introduced the latest technologies in our processes, time and again, for the effective resolution of client requirements. With a wide range of services, we aim to assist in resource allocation, enhancing the financial performance, and improvement of overall productivity.

We provide you the opportunity to invest all your efforts in the rest of the avenues of the healthcare industry as we eliminate the complexities of administrative responsibilities.We offer an integrated approach towards providing the finest services to our clients. Have a look at the services we offer:

Accounts Receivable Services

Healthcare providers are under constant pressure of delivering the best services and this puts a lot of challenges in their way. There are delays in revenue cycles which cause further issues in the financial health of the companies belonging to healthcare industry. To avert these risks, WINAXIS offers streamlined account receivable services and respective follow ups.

  • With our outsourcing services, you can shorten your revenue cycle and increase the cash-flow
  • Our team members deliver accurate results in required time-frame
  • Our executives spot errors in the rejected claims and ensure that re-filling and appealing are initiated rapidly.
  • Medical Collection Services: With our AR services, you also get the benefit of having an idea of the claim-collection cycle, detailed Insurance Aging reports, and business’ financial health.

Insurance Claim Processing

Medical claim processing sometimes takes up more time than it is supposed to. At times, there is also a shortage of resources which can provide you accurate medical claims. This is where outsourcing medical claim processing services step in to help. For the same, we offer:

  • Medical Coding Services: We offer insurance claim processing at affordable costs
  • We process data from all types of Medical Insurance Claim Forms [HCFA, UB-04, UB92, CMS – 1500 or Dental Claims]
  • Medical Record Indexing: We index, validate, extract, and archive all the claims’ data ensuring 100% accuracy
  • We analyze hospital details and perform necessary editing on specific rules.

Medical Data Entry Services

Medical data entry is one of the most imperative steps in medical coding and binding process. It is this processes that finalizes the total reimbursement amount that a healthcare organization is going to receive from the respective insurance company. In Medical Data Entry, we offer:

  • Entering bill information
  • Assigning the applicable charges
  • Billing Data Quality Check
  • Submission of final amount

Why Choose WINAXIS?

Round the clock assistance. Reduction in Operational Costs.

Privacy of Client Information is Maintained.

Customization as per client requirement.

Experienced and Professionally competent Team.

Result-Oriented Approach. 100% Accurate Results.

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